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Looking for 18th-century cake recipes? You are in the right place!

Here you will find delicious and old recipes. You will learn how our ancestors designed and baked cakes.

Best 5 Cakes From 18th Century


1.Ratafia Cake

Ratafia cakes were popular in the 18th century. It was, and it is easy to prepare this cake, and therefore a favorite among the people. For this cake, you will need whipped egg whites for leavening. This cake needs to be baked light, so the dough remains soft and juicy. This cake has some similarities with Macaroon cookies and gets the name from the aroma in it. They were often served at festivities and dinners as a sweet dessert. You will need apricot kernels or almonds, orange flower water, flour, and eggs.


2.The Charlotte Russe Cake

This cake was a great choice on hot summer days, served cold and with whipped cream. Her name comes from the word "charlyt" which means "dish of custard". There are a few types of Charlotte Russe cake. Most known is Apple Charlotte. It has been prepared by making apple compote, and everything was coated with bread. Also, some people made this cake with a frozen souffle, it was called Cold Charlotte. Everyone adored this cake because they did not have to throw away old bread.


3.Sponge Cake

For this cake, you will need only three ingredients. Flour, eggs, and sugar. Although this cake is easy and simple to make, you will need plenty of eggs. Although the types of this cake have been made before, in the 18th century, it got its true look and taste. In the 18th century, they realized that it was important how eggs have been beaten, and that egg whites and yolks also went into this cake. Also, if butter is put in, it must be beaten well. From this simple recipe, today's modern cakes, with a lot of toppings, were created.


4.Pound Cake

This cake's original recipe contained a pound of sugar, butter, egg, and flour. That is how she got her name. You can notice that this recipe is simple and easy to remember. First of all, it is because not many people knew how to read, so they could make this recipe without fear of forgetting something. Until the end of the 18th century, this cake has been prepared on this principle. But at the beginning of the new century, new ingredients began to be used to make the cake lighter. Today people use an old recipe, but they add soda, baking powder, and even chocolate glaze.

5.Madeleine Cake

This cake is known for its shell shape. It's easy to make and doesn't need a lot of ingredients. For this cake, people mixed a pound of butter with a pound of flour. Then add whole eggs, water, sugar, grated lime or lemon, and orange blossom praline. Mix all together and make a shape. Leave them in a cool place, and serve them cold with sugar. Today people put marmalade and jam in them to get more flavor. You can get the shape with the mold or make it yourself with the help of a fork.


Here you could read about the best five cakes from the 18th century. All of these are easy to make, and you would not need to spend a lot of time making them. The best choice would be a pound cake. For this cake, you need a pound of each ingredient. You do not have to spend on ingredients because you probably already have them at home.


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